LAUNDRY50, 30 Min., Household laundry
Benzine washing
CHEMICAL CLEANING25, 30 Min., Trichloroethlene
25, 30 Min., Perchloreethlene
25, 30 Min., Pelrdeum Benzine
Hot water100, 30 Min.Good
Ironing135, 15 Min.Good
Dry heating180, 30 Min.Good
Fastness to light20hr. with fade-0-meterGood
Oxalic acid2.0%, 60, 10 Min.Good
Acetic acid2.0%, 60, 20 Min.Good
Fastness to rubbing200g 100timeGood


As the products used SM, please carefully handle it for avoiding erosion and change for the colour.
1.Avoid high moist and high temperature place to store the products.
(Store the products at cool and dry place.)
2.Special attention need on residue of Sulphur compound at the colour changes to black. Please do not use it to products made of wool, rubber, leather and ebonite or cellophane tape and adhesives.
3.Attention need on hydrogen sulfide gas, sulfurous acid gas, chlorine, ammonid and sweet.
4.In case of using water-soluble paper or cloth, such as SOLVRON, etc., use it without using of detergent under at 95 within 20 minutes.
No guarantee for longer use.


SM-30N/50D(56D.TEX)87,000MN=48%, P=52%
SM-50N/70D(78D.TEX)66,600MN=48%, P=52%
SM-80R/75D(84D.TEX)47,600MR=40%, P=60%
ASM-110N/110D(122D.TEX)35,200MN=42%, P=58%
R-110N/110D(122D.TEX)33,300MN=43%, P=57%
SM-110N/110D(122D.TEX)35,200MN=42%, P=58%
SM-120 R/100D(110D.TEX)38,400M R=42%, P=58%
SM-150R/150D (167D.TEX)38,400MR=64%, P=36%
TM-150R/150D (167D/TEX)38,400MR=64%, P=36%
KTM-150R/150D (167D.TEX)38,400MR=64%, P=36%
Composition: N=Nylon, R=Rayon and P=Polyester
MAKE-UP/SIZE: We have Paper cone and King spool bobbin1000yds, 5000yds, 10000yds, 1000m, 2500m, 5000m, 10000m, 125g and 250g

Reliable Brand Shining Brilliantly In Various
Countries of The World

With a through knowledge of the beauty and techniques of gold foil, a traditional Japanese industry, and by keeping traditions fully in mind, JUCO Company Limited. Is producing gold foil, gold and silver metallic yarn, and other processed goods that are being evaluated highly in the world. JUCO Company Limited is expanding its share in various countries of the world. Developed for export, our company's QUEEN MON-REX has outstanding sheen, suppleness and lightness, and is a top brand of gold and silver metallic yarn. As a product most suitable for western roll of cloth and wide textiles, it has won trust since the company's establishment, particularly in the all over the world where it is being used for all kinds of ornaments. Its use as materials has spread widely in the field of apparel.
In addition, JUCO's Metallic Yarn which "evaporate" silver of high purity and colors it, and brings out the glitter of gold foil, not only have a domestic demand but are being used widely as materials for ornaments in the countries of Southeast Asia. Exports to other country are increasing steadily year by year. Variegated brilliance is continuing to be spread in the world under the name of QUEEN MON-REX.